Our staff

The staff of Skyline Baptist Church exists to help lead, shepherd, and nurture God's people to grow and flourish.

  • Michael Head  senior Pastor

    Welcome our new pastor, Michael Head!  Michael, his wife, Jan, and 4 children will be here for their first Sunday with us on December 24.  Join us Sunday morning at 10:15am.

  • mike jewell Associate Pastor of Worship & Administration


    With over 20 years of ministry experience, Mike has served in various leadership roles involving music, worship, and youth related ministry positions.  Mike has been married to Tammy for 27 years, who is also active in music ministry.  In Mike's own words, "My greatest desire is to bring glory and honor to Christ in my life and in my actions."

  • Kristi whiteis  financial secretary, Ministry assistant


    For over twenty years, Kristi has faithfully served Skyline as an administrative and ministry assistant.  Her willingness to serve the church sacrificially and "go the extra mile" has no doubt over the years been a benefit and asset to Skyline's mission and purpose.  Kristi is married to Jamie who also serves the church in the A/V Tech ministry. Jamie and Kristi have two grown sons; Tyler and Ethan.  

  • billy hughes  maintenance, computer tech, & housekeeping

    After having spent a number of years as a tech guru for several oil companies in Louisiana, Billy came to Branson in the mid-nineties to help run the family-owned hotel. Then after working at one of the Branson theaters, Billy was led to Skyline to serve in a much needed, multi-faceted position.  His humorous personality and love of power washers makes him a great addition to the staff.