skyline youth

SKYLINE YOUTH offers an energetic program designed for students from 7th to 12th grade. Our Wednesday night rallies begin at 6:00pm and are packed with powerful worship, dynamic speaking, great fellowship, fun, and lots of laughs! Alongside our weekly gatherings are our many other BIG events; things such as D-NOW, Mission Trips, Summer Camp, and more! 

Every Sunday morning at 9:00am we have our Small Groups.

VISION - Strengthening in Wisdom, Growing in Knowledge, Bonding in Fellowship, Serving with Humble Hearts, Being the Ears and Becoming the Mouth of Christ Jesus our Lord.

OBJECTIVE - To train up the youth of Skyline with Biblical Knowledge, Scriptural Training, and Application of the Word. 

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For more information about SKYLINE YOUTH or any of our events, 

contact Carl Anderson at 417.334.6729 or


  • Time for s'more jesus

    This is our monthly outreach night.  Each month we take one Wednesday night and ask our students to invite their friends for a special night packed full of activities.  We host a bonfire, make s'mores and a have a relaxed environment for them to share their faith with others.

  • Summer camp

    Every year SKYLINE YOUTH take a week away from Branson to be poured into with scriptural teaching, mission-minded classes, and great activities.  This week of Summer Camp is often very influential in the lives of the students!  This is one of our greatest yearly events!  This year we are going to Falls Creek Youth Summer Camp!

  • Family bbq's

    Skyline Youth typically has 2 Family BBQs throughout the year. Traditionally one at the end of school, and one as a Back to School Bash. We are excited to have families together to celebrate with our students.

  • d-now

    This Discipleship event has traditionally been an in house event. This year we are looking to join other association Churches to put together an area D Now event with the hopes of having great speakers and good music. Our goal is to grow our students together in discipleship and to help them become more familiar with students from area Churches. 

  • see you at the pole rally

    Each year Skyline Youth join with other Branson Area Churches to put together the AWAKEN SYATP event. This night is packed full of worship, special speakers, fun games and praying for our local schools.  Students are encouraged to share their faith with others and to continue to pray for their fellow students as they attend school each day.

  • Winter Jam

    This is an annual concert series in Springfield, MO.  We attend each year.  There are 10-15 Christian Bands and a keynote speaker.  It is a night full of worship, fun and always an encouraging message to share your faith with others.

  • xtreme winter

    Xtreme Winter- is an annual youth conference hosted here in Branson.  Our youth are excited to hear nationally-known speakers such as Tom Richter and Tony Nolan, as well as experience Christian musical artists. This conference provides a time of needed discipleship among our own group as we learn to connect with each other through the music and messages.